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CatFat's News

Posted by CatFat - January 1st, 2013

Happy new year errybody!

I finally finished my first nata animation! ...Only 7 months later!! OuO GO watch it! I kept getting distracted by other things but I recently decided to just sit down and not stop until it was finished. It's not my favourite animation i've ever made. I chopped up the story a bit to much to meet the 3 week deadline and because of that I think a few important narratives were lost. For example the whole last act is meant to allude to his best friend "charlie" having died at a young age, so he used to opportunity to revisit him one last time..there were meant to be a couple more scenes to help hint to that, but hopefully it kinda showed through ..just a little bit?..maybe? ...I guess it just came off as a bit "broke back mountain" instead... lol

so anyway, what's your new years resolution? Inspired by speedosausage's achievement, mine is to release at least 1 new animation every month this year! ;D (though i'm kinda cheating since I already have 4 half finished animations collecting dust.. ;p) *NEW YEAR EDIT regarding last years resolution: WELL THAT FAILED.

Happy New Hangover!!


Posted by CatFat - July 24th, 2012

Just about finished finishing up my NATA submissions, I'll upload the first one in a week or two, since i'm gonna be away from any reliable internet providers for a bit. Hopefully i don't die before I return to upload them, since where i'm going has a precarious landscape and werewolves and lots of darkness and cliffs and sea monsters...and i wouldn't be surprised if I met a vampire or two..

I'll make a frontpage post when I come back :)

EDIT* Okay i'm back now, though my internet has been down for the last week. Also, since imma be really busy in the next 2 or 3 weeks, with events and stuff, i want to push back submitting my animations for a little longer :P sorry xD
Here's me animating for 30 minutes instead :3


Posted by CatFat - April 17th, 2012

Edit* I've had my username changed from TheThingy5 to CatFat!! yay! so, just to let you all know, i'm the same guy.
Thanks Tom/Wade! I assumed my request was denied, I was really surprised! It really means alot to me. Thanks again. Damn I love this site :D
I'm participating in NATA!! :)
I love the topic and have just finished fleshing out my idea, I'm really excited about it. I always wanted to join in on these tournaments. I find it great how, because of the one line topic, it can give you so many fresh ideas. I never would have thought of this idea otherwise. My idea is a bit ambitious but hopefully I'll finish it on time! I'd much rather crash and burn knowing I gave it all I had anyway.
At the very least, if it all goes to plan, I'll actually get something finished and out there quickly. That's the key reason i'm taking part, i want to be getting more content out regularly and to a deadline and this is a perfect way to help me attempt that, assuming i get through the opens..:\
So for the mean time my *cough* *cough* Skyrim.. animation.. will have to wait EVEN longer...:|
Here's a rough of the fus roh dah, it's since been finalised but I cba to make a gif of it now :P EDIT* it doesn't seem to work haha, so here's a screen cap of a different part instead.
The gif works in the dump though so here's a link :
http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/bdd740b5efbb ee41933e77444b3f715a

Oh and the best of luck to all the competitors I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

NATA And Username change!

Posted by CatFat - December 16th, 2011

...because i don't like attention.
Though i thought i'd say what i'm up to.
I'm making a skyrim parody!! now i know what you're thinking "wehey! so original!"
Yeah, there's been loads of them suddenly but I don't think i'll stop because of that, i'm really enjoying it and think it's strong enough to stand on its own anyway. I actually thought of the premise before the game came out but didn't start working on it until late november :/ so thats a thing.
Also I just finished watching the anime Chaos;Head a few days ago and i loved it! I strongly recommend it, it's only 12 episodes long, but nice and different, a total mind f*ck.
Now I'm almost at the end of Steins;Gate, by the same people, and AAAAHH- it's good. more serious than chaos;head and a little longer but f*ckn' brilliant. Infact! i'd say it is better than chaos;head. go watch it person who might read this!
Lastly I feel really sad. I think it might be a side effect of the afore mentioned animes. Or my life just sucks. So uh, yeah, take that as a warning for you if you do decide to check them out, they are E-motion-AL ..oh and did i mention that their soundtracks are also awesome? ffffFFFFFFUUUUUU---

Posted by CatFat - August 7th, 2011

my page needed an update :)

Posted by CatFat - April 30th, 2011

Happy Pico Day!!
I'm really impressed with the content so far! especially "warriors of the portal"
I, however, couldn't finish my animation ( and don't plan to), so I posted it as it is on youtube.

It's another totally random animation that I started last March/April for Pico Day 2010. Unfortunately loads of things got corrupted (the background etc) and my computer eventually gave out so I couldn't get it finished in time.

I originally shelved it for the next years (todays) pico day 2011 but unfortunately i haven't had the time to finish it. Besides, it is in dire need of some serious editing and I have a different computer now so don't have the original program that I mixed the audio tracks on as well as the names of those great songs from the NG audio portal, so that I can credit them..sorry.

Therefore, I don't want to even try to finish it for next year because, by then, it will be even more out dated than it already is and there's already tons of stuff I'm really eager to start working on.
So I decided to release this animated disaster as it is. All animatics and notes (to myself) included.

I've long since forgotten what the point of it was...In fact I think it wasn't supposed to have a point...haha..But I assure you there's gore and violence and plenty of non-sequiturs.

Maybe some of you might find it interesting to see the skeleton of how other animators plan and create there movies?? :)

Posted by CatFat - November 26th, 2010

Wow, i just want to say i'm really overwhelmed by the response to Paging Dr. Seuss, after 4 months of nothing i'd given up any hope that it would ever get viewed again, so that's great!. :)
And i just wanted to let you all know that i posted 'Seuss' up on youtube in HD ( full screen it :D ), if anyone ever wants to skip to a certain bit and pause stuff or whatever, i thought that'd be nice.
You can watch it here:

/* */
Anyway thanks again to all you viewers/reviewers (i read every one!) and TOM and the staff for front-paging it, as well as TomaO2 who i believe is responsible for the rediscovering of our work. THANKS!! ^_^

Posted by CatFat - November 5th, 2010

yep thats right

Posted by CatFat - August 7th, 2010

New animation finally, all credit goes to Mike (DarkLink777)
i've got about 2 other animations from before this that i never finished, might do that sometime.
But right now i'm off to, whats left of the London meet, all sleep deprived and jumped up on coffee. I hope i find everyone, if not i'll go see toy story 3 :)
EDIT* I ended up having to go see toy story 3, but it wasn't showing ..:(

Posted by CatFat - January 2nd, 2010

i hope you've all made your new years resolutions and STICK to them ya PERVERTS!!
If you're having trouble maybe i can help you ^_^
I've decided to FINALLY finish growing my beard this year, i'm half way there already so this should be the year :D If this seems stupid, allow me to explain..
It has been a life long dream of mine to grow a full beard (thats right, i have very high ambitions indeed)...but my philosophy is that it's good to have ambitions that are inevitable because at least you can't have the dissapointment of not achieving them...aaaaaannddd it makes your life seem that little bit more triumphant when you take that last breath on your bumpy and frankly quite uncomfortable death bed, having failed at everything else you ever attempted including (though having tried your hardest not to...) still having a damn child...DAMN
Now if this doesn't seem much like a resolution, think of it as overcoming the beautiful, addictive yet decadent sloth that is procrastination ;) (on a biological level)

P.S. THANKS to whoever keeps voting up CatFat 2, it shot up since the treasure hunt, 4.21!!?? ...whoa..