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Happy New Hangover!!

Posted by CatFat - January 1st, 2013

Happy new year errybody!

I finally finished my first nata animation! ...Only 7 months later!! OuO GO watch it! I kept getting distracted by other things but I recently decided to just sit down and not stop until it was finished. It's not my favourite animation i've ever made. I chopped up the story a bit to much to meet the 3 week deadline and because of that I think a few important narratives were lost. For example the whole last act is meant to allude to his best friend "charlie" having died at a young age, so he used to opportunity to revisit him one last time..there were meant to be a couple more scenes to help hint to that, but hopefully it kinda showed through ..just a little bit?..maybe? ...I guess it just came off as a bit "broke back mountain" instead... lol

so anyway, what's your new years resolution? Inspired by speedosausage's achievement, mine is to release at least 1 new animation every month this year! ;D (though i'm kinda cheating since I already have 4 half finished animations collecting dust.. ;p) *NEW YEAR EDIT regarding last years resolution: WELL THAT FAILED.

Happy New Hangover!!



Voted up man. Hope to see you at the NG meet this month!

Cheers bud!
You can expect me to be there ;D

Happy new year!

But never have like a million projects started, trust me, it's happening to me right now and I feel like I can't take any breaks :(
ANYWAY can't wait to see them, I love your work dood! (also quality over quantity)

thanks man!
Yeah I know that feel...
I'm just taking a few days off now before my head is underwater again ;P

ok first hapy new yhear -------second holyyy crap how about to make an anime or 2-5 episods of a rely sad amaizng epic story :D ?

hehe, would be nice, if it didn't take so long to make one movie ;p
For now I think i'll have to stick with one offs ^-^

What's the name of that show!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

I know I've seen it a really longa time ago, but i can't remember the name!! What was it?!!?!?!?!?!? Please tell me I know you know what I'm talking about! the time traveler kid with the pocket watch... was it on nickelodeon or something!?!??! Man! I'm going crazy I can't remember!

nah, i don't what you're talking about, sorry.

Holy Crap Fan'd

thanks man!

Dearest CatFat,

Stop being so amazing and talented, you're out doing everyone else.


Haha but seriously, you video Interlude made me tear up (I'm a huge sap for stuff like this :p way to get me going you).

And now, to completely derail from topic, I had, at first decided not to make a New Years resolution. But seeing as how everyone wants to make 2013 great, I opted to feel better about everything. My choices, my actions, and myself. Sooooo, I shall now start to listen to reason and logic! May God help me on my quest c; hehe

And, I look forward to your New Years resolution c; be seeing you much more Mr. Amazing Video.


haha, thank you!
It's always good to ameliorate ;D

This was the first video I've added to my favorites in YEARS. Kudos. And I hope to get to work with you in the future as well!

oh nice! Yeah sure! I wouldn't rule it out

congrats bro!

cheers man ;D

It's a shame you had to cut out some of the scenes, because I really liked this animation. Maybe one day you could make a remake or a remastered version.

yeah it kinda sucks, I also had to animate most of it on 4's so its not as smooth as i'd like, so if I ever did get back to it I'd fix that too ;p

Great work!

Thanks man! See you on the 18th ;)

lol cool!

The most touching flash on Newgrounds...
And it's only got 8 k views on Youtube? This is a fucking joke! I wanna share it to everybody! This has got to become one of Youtube's first!
Anyway, how long did it take you to make that animation please? And at what age did you start drawing? And is it ALL frame by frame? Ah man actually instead of saying a whole lot of stuff here, can I PM you with a thousand questions? x3
I added you in my fav animators ;)

haha thanks man, yeah sure shoot me a pm if ya want, I always try to respond to them all ;)
Well I had about 3 weeks to write and finish an animation for the tournament, so I wrote it in about a day and then sat on it for a few more days, refining it here and there.
I managed to get about the first minute of the animation finished and the rest storyboarded by the deadline. I returned to it a few months later and just worked on it every now and again for a couple months, but finally decided to just sit down and finish it, once and for all, in december for new years. So I worked on it for another 3 or 4 weeks straight. So all in all i'm not quite sure how long it took me, probably around 3 or 4 months i guess.
I guess it's all frame by frame apart from camera pans and such, which are obviously tweened because it isn't logical to fbf that haha


- the eternal universe

im really glad people like you do these kind of animations where there is a story where im interested instead of humor in most of these newgroun vids, this has inspired me to be a better animator and artist. thanks for a awsome video and i hope to see more like this in the future :)

are you going to come up with the fuckin franklin version of gta 5 or what you better remember me from youtube mrsubforsub bitch

lol it's coming dude. I've been sick recently but i'm back on the horse now to make the final push ;D

when will it come out?

I'm hoping by the end of this week. But Ockeroid still needs to finish the music and is going away this week..So it will more likely be sometime next week, once he's back. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

what day do you think it will be out?

Have I mentioned I fucking love you, CatFat?

ooh, whythank you very much :3

Holy shit, I just noticed GTA V is boring is 40 MB. What the FUCK is taking all of that up?

Probably the animated backgrounds and audio files lol

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